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I am a home based travel agent that lives in Las Vegas Nevada. I am originally from the New York area, and have the same business philosophy that they do, which is ‘Get it Done’. I don’t believe in wasting time, nor time wasters, take my job seriously, and don’t view Orbitz or Priceline as competition. Who do you call when there is a problem with them??!! You can purchase a trip, but not a price. I have been in the travel business for over 10 years, seen lots of the U.S. and have an employee who handles marketing etc., that has been to Hawaii and most bigger west coast cities frequently. Give me a try, as I believe in travel with a personal touch. My clients give me great reviews and use me over and over again for even simple things. I am a sub-contractor of Travel Planners International, as well as Vacation.com.  I am a certified Las Vegas specialist, and am certified on most cruise lines as well. I much prefer talking with clients, to get a true feel of what they are looking for, so that I can make their vacation experience a trully memorable one. I also offer travel with pets, river cruises, and can even book you a scenic tour on Amtrak as well. I am also a certified Hawaii specialist, and my close associate that works for me, is fluent in German, and very familiar with Germany and German tourism as well…

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