Posted by: James | November 16, 2009


Hey everyone, just got back from a great weekend in Mesquite Nevada. If you are looking for a fun and inexpensive alternative to the hub-bub of Las Vegas, this might be just the perfect alternative. A short 90 minute ride from Las Vegas, opens up a whole new world of experience. Friendly, more than reasonably priced, and more of a family atmosphere, it also eliminates the smut that is promoted on the streets of Vegas. There are numerous theatre companies worth checking out, and you can still get a nice hotel room for about $30.00 plus tax. Meals won’t set you back a weeks pay either and if gaming is your thing, there are 4 nice casinos in town, tha tare clean and modern…

Posted by: James | November 8, 2009

The Hidden Deal

Just getting back from a great trip to Minneapolis/St. Paul for a business meeting, but did manage to squeeze in some sightseeing and shopping. Well worth the price. People are ultra friendly and helpful, lots to see and do. Hotels are reasonable, and very clean. check out the Holiday Inns when in town. Most have been refurbished, and offer ammenities of some of the more expensive properties. If you like Broadway, you are in luck. Minneapolis has a fabulous theatre district, and the area that it is in, is ultra clean. Great restaurants abound, and your travel dollar goes very far. I was very impressed, and found the city to be a bargain overall. Yahoo just rated it the safest city to live in in the U.S.

Posted by: James | November 8, 2009

Well The First One !!


Home Bound From Checking out things

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Hello world!

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